Heat Treatment

Foresight Finishing has an in-process inspection that validates heat-treated components' cleaning, so we don't go to plating with contaminated IDs. However, this does not correct the problem — it only identifies it, until now.

The combination of Foresight's small parts plating line, pre-clean process, and vacuum furnace provide our platers with a bright, pristine, oxide-free surface that eliminates harsh cleaning cycles that can undersize and etch parts.

Foresight's heat-treating process creates a surface that accepts the plating deposit willingly instead of hampering it. By doing so, this has reduced cycle time drastically  leaning out the production and extends our chemistry which reduces waste.

By adding this additional service, our customers have been able to streamline their supply chain, reduce cost and improve lead times by weeks. To learn more, please click to Download the PDF: