A few words about us


Joe and Casey Weizel

Owners Joe and Casey Weizel, natives of Minneapolis Minnesota, have been in the plating industry for a combined 26 years.
Foresight Finishing specializes in plating connector contacts, RF components and selective plating of loose piece contacts. 
Designing a facility around the electronics industry, Foresight Finishing has taken the art of plating down to a science. 
We have developed what we believe is the Industry’s best quality, production and training systems.
Utilizing this core infrastructure allows us to provide our customers with the confidence needed to plan successfully. 
Strategic sourcing with Foresight Finishing will allow you to focus on growing your business instead of managing another vendor with empty promises. 
We are an extension of our customers’ business. We invest aggressively in our support departments for production to give the best possible service to our wide variety of customers.

These are not just words: We have the data to prove it.


In loving memory of:

Steve Forsythe was a man of many greats. A rare, special kind, which I wish everyone in this world, would get the chance to meet someone like him. 
A mentor, boss, friend, father figure, guidance counselor, are a few words that come to mind when thinking of Steve.
A man of first chances and most often seconds that believed in people. Steve had a mysterious way about him that made those around him want to work hard, never give up, never give in. 

Though you are gone, you will never be forgotten, we thank you for all the lives you have touched and those you continue to do so. 

Steve Forsythe